Rocky Knoll Farm

R. siderphyllum


R. siderphyllum is a special species rhododendron that is rare and not commonly propagated, but we have it (when we can keep it in stock)! If you are looking for a rhododendron that (likely) nobody else has, this is a great choice. The color profile for this plant is quite unique, as it ranges from white, pink, magenta, rose, purple, lavender, and violet, with an attractive crimson and brown pattern around the upper dorsal.

You can see for yourself from our photos, and note the distinct characteristics that were passed on from one of its parent plants, R. yunnanense. There can be up to eight funnel-shaped flowers per truss, which usually bloom midseason depending on where planted (our photos were taken in early April). The medium-sized foliage is bright green with densely scaled yellow to brown colored undersides. This lovely rhododendron can grow to 6' tall over time, and is hardy to -5°F when protected from windchill. Give it full sun to partial shade and plant with well-draining acidic soil.

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