Rocky Knoll Farm

Zauschneria 'Orange Carpet' California Fuchsia


Also known as Hummingbird Trumpet, Zauschneria Orange Carpet provides great foliage texture, and bright orange-scarlet summer blooms. Known for being highly attractive to hummingbirds, it is also beloved by butterflies and bees. This perennial makes an excellent spreading ground cover, and it is also a good choice for rock gardens, container growing, slopes, high elevations and beds. Zauschneria Orange Carpet will provide a lovely cascade over raised beds and edges. 

This plant requires well-draining soil, but is drought tolerant once established, and also deer resistant. It is known to do best in growing zones 8-10, but it is actually cold hard to -20°F when protected from windchill. Its underground stems help prevent erosion as a bonus feature. Zauschneria Orange Carpet can thrive in full sun and partial shade, with afternoon shade being beneficial in hot climate. It generally grows to around 6" tall and spreads to 18" wide. 

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