Rocky Knoll Farm

White Grosso Lavender ‘Alba’ (Lavendula x intermedia)


White Alba Lavender is a beautiful and wonderfully fragrant evergreen perennial. We love this incredible plant and recommend it as a stunning compliment to the more predictable colors of existing lavenders. Delightfully prolific summer blooms sit atop gorgeous silvery-green foliage to create a special appeal to both the eyes and nose. It adds exceptional texture to beds, slopes, planters, rock gardens, urban gardens, floral arrangements and dried arrangements. 

Lavendula x intermedia has an attractive bushy growth habit, and butterflies and bees (and even some birds) adore it. Generally deer resistant, and drought tolerant once established, White Alba can grow to around 3' tall x 2' wide. it is easy to prune if desired and trimming spent blooms can encourage new ones during summer months. It loves full sun if possible, and you will want to plant it in well-draining soil. Hardy to -15°F when protected from windchill. 

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