Rocky Knoll Farm

Veronica spicata 'Bubblegum Candles'


The attractive, compact growth habit of Bubblegum Candles veronica is accentuated with long-blooming 'candles' of bright pink flowers. Vibrant, unique green foliage makes for an incredible backdrop as well. This is an excellent perennial for potted growing, borders, low hedgerows, and more. The blooms make for wonderful additions to floral arrangements and bouquets. Bees and butterflies will likely be visiting this beauty in your garden.

It is deer and disease resistant. Give this plant full sun to partial shade and anticipate blooms throughout the summer depending on growing conditions. This plant needs well-draining soil, and we recommend light pruning after blooms are spent to promote a healthy and attractive growth habit, and encourage continual blooming. Hardy to -25°F when protected from windchill. Grows to about 10" tall and 12" wide. 

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