Rocky Knoll Farm

Ruby Muhly Grass Undaunted® - Muhlenbergia reverchonii


The red to pink summer flower spikes of this dynamic ornamental grass are quite eye-catching. It is an excellent choice for accents and adding character to gardens and landscapes. It's airy plumes are great for providing an appealing texture as well.

Ruby Muhly Grass is easy to grow, drought tolerant once established, and deer resistant. This grass prefers full sun and is hardy to -20°F when protected from windchill. It grows up to 30" tall x 24" wide. 

Our 1 gallon grasses are rooted, fertilized and ready to burst with new growth. Some grasses grow very tall and change in size rapidly across seasons. If you order a grass that is very tall at the time, we will trim it as needed for shipping. 

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