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Tuscan Blue Rosemary


Distinctively fragrant and beautiful, Tuscan Blue Rosemary brings a Mediterranean experience to both gardens and cuisine. Aesthetically, its sturdy evergreen foliage gets adorned with profuse and showy blue flowers as early as spring, and throughout the summer. This wonderful perennial herb is an excellent choice for novice gardeners, as well as green thumbs and chefs.

Tuscan Blue is low maintenance and easy to grow, yet it offers definitive versatility in gardens, landscapes and kitchens. It is drought tolerant once established. This plant is a great choice for hedges, container growing, urban growing, potpourri, herbal tea, culinary purposes, herb gardens, borders, mass planting, filter screens, coastal growing, and slopes.

It has an upright growth habit that can reach up to 6' tall x 4' wide when mature, yet it can be trimmed for consumption and pruned continually to a desired size or topiary. If you are going to prune heavily, we recommend doing so in early spring, after the last frost. You will want to give this plant full sun, and well-draining soil. Hardy to 10°F when protected from windchill. 

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