Rocky Knoll Farm

Thyme Leaf Cotoneaster


This low-maintenance bountiful evergreen shrub has attractive tiny green leaves that decorate swooping stems, that are also adorned with dark red berries in fall that are attractive to birds. It blooms with small white to light pink flowers in late spring to early summer, which are loved by bees.

Thyme leaf Cotoneaster is wonderfully versatile, as it can be used for ground cover, rock gardens, topiary, urban, hedges and even bonsai. It prefers sandy, well-draining soil, but can tolerate a range of soil types as long as they do not retain standing water. It will do best in full sun to partial shade.

This is a good plant for providing changing character across all four seasons. It can grow to around 2' tall and 5' wide, and can be pruned as desired, although we think it looks best when it is allowed to grow to its natural form. Hardy to -25°F when protected from windchill.

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