Rocky Knoll Farm

Spiraea Goldflame


The incredible foliage colors and texture of Goldflame spirea make this a special and beloved deciduous shrub. You can see from our photos that this is no ordinary plant. Goldflame's new leaves in spring have a brilliant range of red, orange and yellow, and then change to a bright yellow green in summer, which is when its pink blooms make their appearance. Then in fall, the foliage changes yet again, this time to a copper and orange combination before dropping its leaves for the winter.

We recommend planting in spring or fall if possible, but it is not essential. This spiraea is a moderate to fast grower and can reach 4' tall. It is easy to grow and tolerates various soils.

We recommend a mild pruning when dormant (winter or early spring) to promote a healthy growth habit, but it is a small task for this plant. Hardy to -25°F when protected from windchill. As if this plant wasn't already great enough, deer generally avoid it and butterflies love it!

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