Rocky Knoll Farm

Santolina chamaecyparissus 'Small-Ness' (Little Ness)


Santolina Small-Ness is a compact evergreen perennial with excellent foliage texture and delightful rounded growth-habit. Bright yellow button flowers show themselves for additional character in summer. We recommend a simple pruning of spent blooms to promote new ones to grow. The excellent dome shape of Small-Ness makes it a great choice for accent placement, edging, containers, urban growing, coastal growing, rock and gravel gardens, slopes, and mass planting.

Easy to grow and deer resistant, you will want to place in full sun and definitely plant correctly in well-draining soil. These are adorable little plants that can grow to 12" tall x 16" wide when mature. Hardy to -15°F when protected from windchill. 

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