Rocky Knoll Farm

R. oreotrephes


The splendid bloom colors of R. oreotrephes range dramatically from purple, blue, lavender, rose, and more. Take a good look at our photos and you can see how the colors vary across the prolific funnel-form flowers that populate along stems and stem tips alike. The blossoms are accented by a distinct crimson pattern on the upper dorsal for an additional eye-catcher. As a bonus, this hard to find species rhododendron stands out in any garden with its glaucous hues that occur all over the foliage, stems and buds.

This special rhododendron prefers full sun to partial shade and can grow to about 5' tall when mature, with an upright growth habit. Hardy to 0°F when protected from windchill. We love this plant and we think you will too, when we are able to have it in stock.

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