Rocky Knoll Farm

Euphorbia purpurea 'Purple-Leaf Spurge'


Spurges are becoming increasingly popular, and this beauty with distinct purple foliage and bright yellow blossoms is exceptional. Blooms generally show around mid-spring, depending on growing conditions. This delightful perennial is great for beds, borders and ground cover, as it spreads nicely with underground runners. 

Easy to grow, Euphorbia purpurea can thrive in various soil types, as well as shady areas. Butterflies really like this plant, and it is both deer and rabbit resistant. Hardy to -20°F when protected from windchill, this spurge has a nice growth habit that reaches around 2' tall x 2' wide. We recommend pruning spent blooms to promote new ones, but use gloves as the milky sap can irritate the skin (common for Euphorbia). 

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