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Herrenhausen ornamental oregano


Fragrant and delightfully attractive, this woody oregano shows off blooms of purple and pink hues throughout summer and into fall. The foliage takes on a red color in the fall to provide additional character. It is easy to grow, and attractive to butterflies and other pollinators. Herrenhausen is a great perennial that is deer, rabbit, and erosion resistant, and also drought tolerant once established. 

This oregano likes full sun but can handle a little bit of shade. You will definitely want to make sure it has well-draining soil. It is not good for cooking, but we love Herrenhausen for ground cover as it is rhizomatous and can root where stems make ground contact. It is an excellent choice for rock gardens, container growing, coastal gardens, borders, herb gardens, dried arrangements, and beds.

This plant can grow up to 2' tall x 2' wide, and we recommend planting them about 30" apart. We also suggest pruning spent blooms, and you can cut back to woody stems in early spring (after the last frost) to promote vibrant new growth. Hardy to -20°F when protected from windchill. 

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