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Monarda ‘Raspberry Wine’ (Bee Balm)


Raspberry Wine Bee Balm is an incredibly attractive to hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. Its upright, fragrant, unique and colorful blooms bring incredible character to gardens and landscapes. The foliage is fragrant too! Raspberry Wine Bee Balm is excellent for floral arrangements, potpourri, borders, meadows, container growing and mass planting. 

This vibrant perennial is easy to grow, disease resistant, and both deer and rabbit resistant. Prune back (deadhead) spent flowers to stimulate new blooms. You can also cut spent stems to the ground to promote fresh growth. Blooming generally occurs throughout summer. This lovely plant does require well-draining soil, and can be placed in full sun to partial shade. 

Our 1 gallon Monarda are rooted, fertilized and ready to burst with new growth. Raspberry Wine Bee Balm grows up to 4' tall, and can be a prolific grower. If you order a plant that is very tall at the time, we will trim it as needed for shipping. Cold hardy to -25°F when protected from windchill. 

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