Rocky Knoll Farm

Martin 225


This extremely rare cultivar boasts flowers that start as a rich primary red, and then take on pink hues as they mature. There is no pattern on the dorsal petals, so the solid color really stands out against the attractive dark green foliage skirting. New growth has an attractive light indumentum. If you are looking for something that will bring incredible character to your garden, and that nobody else you know has, Martin 225 is a great choice.

We are proud to be able to offer this exquisite rhododendron at Rocky Knoll Farm. The incredible blooms generally show around April-May, depending on growing conditions. Our bloom photos were taking mid-April. You will want to give this beautiful rhododendron full sun to partial shade, and anticipate a rounded growth habit reaching about 4' in ten years.

It can be pruned seasonally to fit in smaller growing areas that you might place a dwarf rhododendron as well. We love Martin 225 and we think that you will too. Cold hardy to -10°F when protected from windchill.

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