Rocky Knoll Farm

Humboldt Picotee


Humboldt Picotee is a stunning deciduous azalea (Rhododendron occidentale) credited to Smith and Mossman back on the 1970's. Its frilly red-purple-pink edged white blossoms have an eye-catching yellow gold accent on the upper dorsal. The flowers are almost magical, as the perimeter color can vary dramatically, and they are fragrant! It is hard to say enough about this amazing plant. Even the richly green to red foliage is attractive.

This deciduous azalea is a must in our book, yet it is very hard to find in propagation. We are pleased to offer this outstanding cultivar when we can keep it in stock. This dwarf grower can reach around 3' tall when mature, and it has a nice rounded growth habit. Give it full sun to partial shade and watch for midseason blooms, depending on where planted. Our bloom photos were taken at the end of May. Hardy to 5°F when protected from windchill.

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