Rocky Knoll Farm

Honsu's Baby


Delightful little Honsu's Baby is an adorable dwarf hybrid rhododendron showing off masses of white blossoms with magenta, pink and purple margins. The blooms are very prolific, especially for a plant that only grows to about 1' tall. When you can find this cultivar available (it is pretty uncommon but we are proud to have it at Rocky Knoll Farm), it makes an excellent choice for small growing areas, rock gardens, potted growth, and accent placement. Also a great choice for planting multiples that put on quite a show.

Give full sun to partial shade and watch for blooms early mid-season depending on growing conditions (our bloom photos were taken at the beginning of April). The attractive leaves are small, convex and have a scaly texture for great character. Hardy to 5°F when protected from windchill, plant in full sun to partial shade.

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