Rocky Knoll Farm

Gold Brian Escallonia


Prized for its foliage, the bright foliage of Gold Brian Escallonia (Escallonia exoniensis), stands out in gardens and landscaping in a colorful way. This broadleaf evergreen shrub has unique foliage as new growth springs to life with lime green hues, which change to vibrant gold yellow. As the season progresses, the plant reverts back to a blend of green and yellow going into autumn. Reddish pink blossoms show in summer and are attractive to bees.

This versatile plant can endure coastal salt air and grows to 5' tall by 5' wide tall when mature, and has a rounded growth habit that can be pruned. This plant is cold hardy to 10°F when protected from windchill and does well in full sun to partial shade. Some report that more shade is better, but our experience is that more sun will bolster the more yellow/gold foliage colors.

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