Rocky Knoll Farm

Giant Feather Grass (Stipa gigantea)


Magnificent Giant Feather Grass (Stipa gigantea) has attractive grey-green blades that grow into a large mounding ornamental form, with impressive feathery tufts and seed heads. Reaching up to 8' tall and 4' wide, this statuesque giant grass makes a statement, and creates dramatic character in any landscape. These grasses do best in full sun, and need well-draining soil. Drought tolerant once established, you will want to keep it watered until then.

Cutting back after the last winter frost can promote healthy new growth. Pictures make it hard to appreciate the splendor of this grass, which can only be fully realized as various forms of light pass through it throughout the day. Deer resistant and hardy to -20°F when protected from windchill. Don't be surprised to see butterflies make frequent visits! 

Our 1 gallon grasses are rooted, fertilized and ready to burst with new growth. Some grasses grow very tall and change in size rapidly across seasons. If you order a grass that is very tall at the time, we will trim it as needed for shipping. 

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