Rocky Knoll Farm

Frank Galsworthy


Frank Galsworthy is a hybrid rhododendron with spectacular blooms that make up full, ball-shaped trusses. We don't know of anyone else propagating or selling Frank Galsworthy, but we are proud to offer it to our customers at Rocky Knoll Farm. That is when we can keep it in stock! Take a look at our bloom photos (taken late May right here in Oregon) and see for yourself. These uniquely deep purple flowers with distinct bright yellow blotch on the upper dorsal are a stunner in any garden.

Place in full sun to partial shade. This rhododendron is hardy to -15°F when protected from windchill and can grow to 5' tall x 5' wide when mature. If you are interested in getting one of these cultivars, we strongly suggest you click the "Notify Me When Available" button to ensure you get notified quickly once we get some back in inventory.

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