Rocky Knoll Farm

First Date


First Date is a special hybrid rhododendron that is hard to find, but we are proud to offer it at Rocky Knoll Farm (when we are able to keep it in stock)! Take a look at the lovely full trusses of pink flowers accented with a distinct burgundy to red pattern on the dorsal lobe. The bright swooping filaments with bronze anthers provide a distinguished grace and elegance to this plant. The small bright green leaves create an ideal backdrop for the colorful ball-shaped trusses.

If you want a rare cultivar that stands out in your garden, this is an excellent choice. Plant in full sun to partial shade and give well-draining soil, as is needed for most rhododendrons. This rhododendron grows to about 4' tall depending on growing conditions. Hardy to 0° F when protected from windchill. It usually blooms early to midseason (our bloom photos were taken at the beginning of April). 

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