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Erysimum Honeyberry (Wallflower)


Erysimum 'Honeyberry' is a fragrant spring bloomer with incredibly beautiful flowers and variegated foliage. We love this perennial (which often can be more of an evergreen depending on conditions). Spring is their best season and they tend to be self-seeding biennials.

These erysimum actually do well in more of an alkaline soil, and prefer it to be well-draining. You have to observe this plant visually to understand its unique beauty; words alone aren't enough. The incredibly blossoms offer excellent character with various lilac purple hues, pinks, magenta, red, orange and yellow.

They can grow up to about 1.5' tall and 1' wide, and they make a great aesthetic addition to any garden. Give them full sun if possible but they can also do well with some partial shade. They are fast growing and hardy to -5°F when protected from windchill. We think they are great for cutting and putting into arrangements in the home.

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