Rocky Knoll Farm

Erica Mediterranean White Heath


This special heath is prized for its prolific white blossoms that uniquely occur in winter. Our bloom photos were taken in February! Lovely bright white flowers adorn rich green foliage that provides great texture to gardens and landscapes. 

Mediterranean White heath has an attractive mounding growth habit that can spread to create an impressive ground cover. It is an excellent choice for borders, retaining wall spillover, containers, floral arrangements, beds and rock gardens. Low maintenance and easy to grow, this delightful evergreen shrub is deer resistant and helpful for erosion control. 

They grow to around 18" tall and spread up to 30" wide. You will want to place them in well-draining (preferably acidic) soil. These ericas do well in full sun to partial shade, and are hardy to -10°F when protected from windchill. 

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