Rocky Knoll Farm

Erica Hookstone Pink Heath


Hookstone Pink is a delightful heath with green to grey evergreen foliage and rose pink bell-shaped blossoms that show in summer, and often well into fall. This Erica is generally very hard to find but we are proud to offer it at Rocky Knoll Farm (when we can keep it in stock)! Adorable yet versatile, this heath is an excellent choice for accent planting, slopes, borders, rock gardens, ground cover, beds, banks, patios and container growing. 

Known to be pest-free, these shrubs do require well-draining soil and they prefer full sun. They can grow to around 12" tall x 18" wide when mature, which is usually 2-5 years depending on growing conditions. Hookstone pink has an attractive bushy growth habit and is hardy to -25°F when protected from windchill. 

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