Rocky Knoll Farm

Echinacea Prairie Splendor (Coneflower)


The striking rose-pink blooms of Prairie Splendor bring great character to gardens throughout summer. This echinacea can bloom earlier than others, starting in early summer. The protracted bloom season can last all the way to the first frost, depending on growing conditions. This plant is great for borders, meadows, wildflower gardens, beds and cut floral arrangements. 

Pollinators love this perennial, and it is deer resistant. You will want to place this plant in full sun, and we recommend well-draining soil to help it establish roots. Prairie Splendor is heat, drought and humidity tolerant once established. They grow to about 2' tall x 2' wide, and are hardy to -30°F when protected from windchill. 

Note that coneflowers have a leggy growth habit, and we may need to trim the primary stocks for shipping. Their bloom times are often throughout summer and well into fall, so there is a big bloom window and pruning can actually help stimulate more new blooms. If you order late in the season, you can get them into the ground for rooting and a new burst of growth in spring. 

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