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Coreopsis verticillata Zagreb (Threadleaf)


Zagreb coreopsis has stunning bright yellow blooms that adorn fantastic fine and rich green foliage to bring lots of character to gardens and landscapes. The perennial provides an excellent texture to beds, slopes, border, areas with containers (must have good drainage). Flowers are prolific throughout summer and sometimes into fall, and are loved by butterflies and bees alike. This is a special plant, that is also the winner of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society.

This coreopsis is easy to grow, drought tolerant once established, it is generally disease free, and deer resistant. We recommend trimming spent blooms to encourage increased blossom proliferation. You will need to make sure that this plant is in well-draining soil. It prefers full sun but can handle some afternoon shade, especially in hot climates. Give it about 15"-18" spacing when planting, and it will have a mounded growth habit up to 2' tall x 2' wide. Cold hardy to -35°F when protected from windchill. 

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