Rocky Knoll Farm

Cistus Mickie Rockrose


This uniquely variegated cistus evergreen shrub adds an exceptional spectacle of vibrant color to gardens and landscapes. The bright white blooms with golden yellow centers adorn this plant in late spring and into summer, depending on growing conditions. It has an attractive mounding growth habit, which makes it an excellent choice for borders, beds, and container growing. 

Cistus Mickie is a wonderfully showy plant that loves full sun, but some afternoon shade can be beneficial in warmer climates and extra hot days. It is easy to grow deer resistant, drought tolerant once established, and it can tolerate various soil types. However, we recommend well-draining soil to help young plants get established. It grows to around 18" tall x 36" wide, and is hardy to 0°F when protected agains windchill. 

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