Rocky Knoll Farm

Calluna Blazeaway Heather


Aptly named, this intensely colored heather stands out in gardens across the seasons. It boasts seasonal colors ranging from bright gold, green and orange in the first half of the year, it changes in fall to have more vibrant blazing red hues. Long summer blooms of attractive lavender-pink blossoms create an exceptional attraction, and can last into fall. This delightful shrub is an excellent choice for ground cover, coastal or container growing, rock gardens, mass planting urban growing, and borders. 

Deer resistant and easy to grow, Blazeaway heather can reach about 18" tall x 24" wide when mature. Mild pruning in early spring and after the last winter frost can help stimulate a healthy growth pattern and beautiful new foliage. This calluna, like most, requires well-draining soil and likes full sun. Hardy to -20°F when protected from windchill. 

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