Rocky Knoll Farm

Blue Star Juniper - Juniperus squamata


Blue Star Juniper is a dwarf coniferous shrub that gets its name from the star shape that is visible when you look down at the top of a stem. You can see the star shape if you look closely at some of our photographs. These junipers are adorable, and they have an excellent silver-blue needle foliage with an attractively unique shape. It has a great compact growth habit, it is somewhat slow growing, and it is extremely easy to maintain. 

We love this versatile plant, which works great for landscape accents, small growing areas, edging, ground cover, rock gardens, and beds. It is also deer resistant. Drought tolerant once established, you will definitely want to be sure to place it in well-draining soil. Our Starter Soil Kits are perfect for helping these young plants take root. This juniper loves full sun and can eventually reach up to 3' tall x 3' wide. We recommend planting it with a bit of space from other plants. Cold hardy to -30°F when protected from windchill. 

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