Rocky Knoll Farm

Berberis Rose Glow Barberry


This is an incredible plant and probably the best of the Barberry. The blend of colors and textures for this deciduous shrub is so unique and captivating that it makes an excellent choice for any garden or landscape. The lovely combination of colors truly needs to be observed by the eye so we won't even try to describe them. Please take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself! 

This plant is versatile and great for hedging, borders, beds, single planting, mass planting, slopes and especially for adding color and texture. It is easy to grow and resilient to full sun, clay and dry soils, drought, and is even deer resistant. Its natural rounded growth habit is attractive but it can also be pruned back to shape. Mind the thorns! It can grow to 5' tall and about 4' wide. It produces bright red berries in autumn, which create an extended character when the leaves fall. Hardy to -25°F when protected from windchill.

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