Rocky Knoll Farm

Alison Johnstone


Alison Johnstone is a special hybrid rhododendron because it is very hard to find, yet it has incredible decadent bloom colors that start with a peach yellow and transition to a light flushed pink. We don't know of anywhere else these are in propagation, and we are proud to offer them at Rocky Knoll Farm (when we can keep them in stock!). They are so beautiful and the trusses have up to 10 blossoms each. The rich bluish-green foliage creates a perfect canvas backdrop to make this wonderful plant come alive in any garden.

This cultivar can grow to 4' tall in about 10 years, depending on growing conditions. Give full sun to partial shade and anticipate blooms to show midseason (our photos were taken in early April). Hardy to 0° F when protected from windchill.

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