Rocky Knoll Farm

Arneson Gem


This exceptional deciduous azalea with red buds that open to bright hues of orange is a showstopper. We can't say enough about the spectacular color this brings with its incredible blooms every season. As you can see from our pictures, Arneson Gem fills out with with blooms very generously. Since it is deciduous, the foliage also brings an orange to red range of colors in fall.

This is such a great plant and it can start blooming around April and can go through June, depending on where you live. If that weren't enough, it is also fragrant. Arneson Gem grows to around 3’ tall x 4’ wide. Hardy to -15° F when protected from wind chill. Note that deciduous plants often ship without foliage in fall and winter, as these plants seasonally shed their foliage, which is natural and healthy. 

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