Meet Jack: Our Garden Expert - Rocky Knoll Farm

Meet Jack: Our Garden Expert

Jack Olson is the inspiration for our family nursery business. As a lifetime member of the International Rhododendron Society, he has dedicated dec...

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Mission and Purpose - Rocky Knoll Farm

Mission and Purpose

Our mission at Rocky Knoll Farm is to provide high-quality plants that bring joy, and create a personalized garden experience for you. You will not...

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Shipping and Guarantee - Rocky Knoll Farm

Shipping and Guarantee

Our goal is to keep it simple. We ship across the U.S. and we use UPS ground shipping as the default selection. When you check out, you will be a...

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Landscaper's Resource - Rocky Knoll Farm

Landscaper's Resource

We don’t have wholesale accounts, we have partners. Our belief is that business is about relationships, and we won’t realize success unless you do....

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