Help Your Herb Garden Thrive - Rocky Knoll Farm

Help Your Herb Garden Thrive

Herbs add flavor, fragrance, and beauty to your garden, and they're also incredibly useful for cooking and for natural remedies. Starting and maint...

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Soil Tips for Your Garden - Rocky Knoll Farm

Soil Tips for Your Garden

Soil is the foundation of a healthy and thriving garden, providing vital nutrients and support for plants. Check out our tips to ensure your soil i...

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How to Plant Tutorial - Rocky Knoll Farm

How to Plant Tutorial

Quickly learn how to plant your rhododendron, azalea, or plant that requires well-draining soil with our easy video tutorial.

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Know Your Zone - Rocky Knoll Farm

Know Your Zone

Understanding the USDA planting zone you reside in can mean the difference between success and failure in your plants. Plants that are appropriate...

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