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Echinacea 'PowWow White' (Coneflower)


PowWow White is known for its prolific large white flowers. Like many coneflowers, petals start outward and adjust to a downward angle as the central disk portion changes to more of a dimensional ball shape. This attractive perennial tends to start blooming in June and throughout summer. This echinacea is quite attractive to butterflies and bees. You can trim spent blooms to encourage more flowering during the bloom season, but many people like to leave them intact as they create an ongoing attraction and provide a food source for birds when they go to seed. They are excellent for cut floral arrangements.

Deer and rabbit resistant, PowWow White is easy to grow in various soil types (although we recommend well-draining soil to help young plants root), and drought tolerant once established. They grow up to 3' tall and can spread to up to 2' wide. Hardy to -30°F when protected from windchill. Full sun is best for these perennials, but they can have some light shade. 

Note that coneflowers have a leggy growth habit, and we may need to trim the primary stocks for shipping. Their bloom times are often throughout summer and well into fall, so there is a big bloom window and pruning can actually help stimulate more new blooms. If you order late in the season, you can get them into the ground for rooting and a new burst of growth in spring. 

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